Sunday worship service before school begins-invite administrators, teachers-commission partnership volunteers

“Blessing of the Backpacks” during Sunday worship service for children, youth, college-age, teachers, administrators

Prayer ministry

Mom’s prayer group

Prayer partners for mentor/child teams


BE A MENTOR OR TUTOR****(Relationships are most important!!)

Tutoring a Child

Mentoring a Child

Lunch Buddies-Eat lunch with your mentor student/class

Role models/programs, especially for male students

Individual help with homework projects

Be a guest speaker to give a “real world” perspective about academics



Adopt a classroom (SS Class/small group adopts a particular classroom)

Be a Classroom Buddy (function as the role of a room mother)

Host class parties and honor roll parties

Provide Behavior/Citizenship Awards

Provide treats to promote attendance

Volunteer to read to students

Read to a class while the teacher works with a student who needs help

Listen to students read

Join PTA

Donate a book to each child at Christmas

Give Christmas gifts for children-angel and candy cane

Provide support for Art and Music Classes

Donate books for School Library

Volunteer in the School Library, Clinic, or School Office

Be a computer tutor or field trip chaperone

Cover field trip fees

Participate in Career Day

Judge contests, reading fairs, science fairs

Assist with field day, Fall Festival, Spring Carnival, Fundraising Activities

Assist with open house, parent night (catered meal, etc.)

Plan/Assist in a school garden project

Be a test proctors for state testing

Provide healthy snacks during state testing

Offer a summer reading camp

Provide a summer reading book collection


Host teacher/staff appreciation luncheons and events

Supply encouragement bags for teachers/educational staff/office staff

Adopt a teacher/bus driver/custodian/food service worker/nurse/office staff

Provide breakfast for teacher workdays



Collect needed items for art, classrooms

Donate copy paper and ink for printers

Purchase/fund copy machine

Supply dictionaries/classroom libraries

Purchase class sets of trade books

Make monetary donations for science projects and experiments

Purchase musical instruments or sports equipment



Provide food assistance for families

Prepare snack packs/weekend meal backpacks on Fridays

Sponsor a school supply/backpack drive

Donate winter jackets, coats, gloves, hats, scarves

Supply clothes, shoes, emergency clothing for school clinic

Provide uniforms

Have a Thanksgiving Food Drive

Host a Christmas Toy Drive or Book Drive

Assist homeless children in schools

Adopt needy families

Provide translators when there is a need

Host a health fairs or dental clinic



Participate in a Back to School Spruce-Up Day

Paint Classrooms and Hallways

Refurbish teachers’ lounge

Provide Landscaping/Grounds beautification

Assist with Playground Construction

Make Technology/Electronics donations



Provide an After-School Program at your church

Host a monthly Character Education assembly

Coach Chess, Tennis, Soccer, Track, etc.

Give Financial Support for soccer, tennis, track, chess, etc.

Adopt a Child for an Extended School Program

Develop Junior Chef programs

Host etiquette classes

Sponsor Boy Scout/ Girl Scout troops and merit badge projects



ESL (English as a Second Language) class teachers/organizers

GED classes/support

Adult Literacy volunteers



These are a few examples. Check with your local stores for information about rewards programs in your community.

Kroger Community Rewards program

Target’s Take Charge of Education

Harris Teeter

Box tops for Education Collect special coupons printed on many products. Schools turn in box tops to receive money.

Community Coffee

Coca Cola

Labels for Education